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TriVector on the SASL Team for New Software Study

on Wednesday, 30 July 2014.

TriVector on the SASL Team for New Software Study

As reported in the Redstone Rocket, the Software Airworthiness and Safety Lab (SASL), a part of AMRDEC's Software Engineering Directorate (SED), will be responsible for performing an independent assessment of safety-critical software requirements, design and code that is embedded in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter operational flight program software. TriVector Services will directly support this activity with several JSF team members. SED provides system and software engineering life cycle management support to the Aviation and Missile Command and numerous other customers. This includes software safety analysis and software airworthiness support for numerous aviation systems, such as the AH-64 Apache, UH-60 Black Hawk and CH-47 Chinook, and various weapons systems, including the Hellfire missile and Sentinel radar.

Josh McNeil, SED’s software safety lead said personnel in his group play a critical role on various software standards committees. He participated with multiple individuals across the various services in creating, developing and revising the software safety sections for the Department of Defense Standard Practice for System Safety, Military Standard 882E. SED has developed and documented a 12-step software safety process that meets all DoD and industry software system safety standards. “Software safety is an important discipline and it can be a challenge to grow a group this large, therefore I contribute our success to the hard work, dedication, knowledge and experience of the people on our team,” McNeil said.

TriVector provides program management, IV&V analyses, and technical support services to SED. “TriVector is pleased to be able to contribute to continued SED team success by providing high quality people and services for the new software safety analyses of the Joint Strike Fighter,” explained Marc Verhage, Sr. Vice President, TriVector Defense Systems Division.

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