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TriVector Employee Receives Silver Snoopy Award

on Monday, 20 June 2016.

TriVector Employee Receives Silver Snoopy Award

On June 14, 2016, TriVector employee Mike Staton was among the recipients of NASA’s Silver Snoopy Award. As part of the Space Flight Awareness awards presented at NASA, the Silver Snoopy recognizes employees’ outstanding performance and contribution to flight safety, along with emphasizing an individual’s innovation that makes a mission successful. Each awardee is presented with a silver lapel pin that was flown on the Space Shuttle, accompanied by a certificate and commendation letter signed by the attending astronaut, Victor J. Glover, class of 2013.

As SLS Stages Information Manager, Mike has provided exemplary work for both NASA and TriVector. Having over 30 years’ experience serving NASA at both Kennedy Space Center and Marshall Space Flight Center, Mike has brought highly valuable expertise and innovation to the TriVector team. At the ceremony, he was recognized for his “outstanding service, resourcefulness, and dedication in providing key support of data and information management with the protection of data, access management of data, organization of review data, and migration and archiving of key data for NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) Stage Element,” as stated in his nomination letter. Mike has been lauded for his professionalism and innovation, particularly in ensuring the safety of data systems directly associated with the SLS rocket and Orion Crew Vehicle.

We at TriVector are proud to have Mike as part of the team. “Mike continues to be an integral part of SLS Stages team for NASA, and his subject matter expertise and positive attitude are what help make the TriVector team high caliber,” says TriVector Civil Space Senior Vice President Marc Verhage. “He certainly deserves one of the most prestigious NASA awards.”

Pictured first is Mike with Marshall Deputy Director Jody Singer and Victor Glover. Also pictured is Mike with his family (daughters Jennifer and Kimberly as well as his wife, Debbie) and Mr. Glover. Congratulations, Mike!