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TriVector Employee Nominated for North Alabama 2018 People's Choice Award

on Friday, 16 February 2018.

TriVector Employee Nominated for North Alabama 2018 People's Choice Award

Jeff Hammock has been nominated for the North Alabama 2018 People’s Choice Award for his hard work with his company MechOptix.  Jeff, a TriVector employee who currently works at Marshall Space Flight Center on the ESSCA contract, is the founder and CEO of MechOptix, a sensor company that is dedicated to providing innovative safety measures for motorists. 

The Entrepreneur Awards recognize North Alabama entrepreneurs for their contributions to the region’s economy in addition to their overall accomplishments.  The Catalyst Center for Business and Entrepreneurship is the organizer of this event and provides consulting services that support business owners throughout their stages of growth.

Jeff founded MechOptix in 2013 and designed the Stoptix Automatic Brake Lamp, which is an automatic brake light that retrofits onto any vehicle or motorcycle to indicate a stop even when downshifting or decelerating, when brakes are not applied.  This invention reduces motorists’ chances of being rear-ended, which is especially important for motorcyclists.

Jeff also works as a Systems Engineer SME for TriVector in support of the Space Launch System V&V team in its final phase of the program to reach Design Certification Review prior to Launch.

“Jeff is a highly talented individual and a true engineer that loves to see an idea come to reality which in this case saves lives,” says TriVector Sr. Vice President for Civil Space Marc Verhage.

To vote for Jeff, follow this link to the nominee announcement:  Voting ended last week, but the link showcases all of the nominees.  The winner will be announced at the third annual Entrepreneur Awards on March 01 at Campus 805.  Congratulations to Jeff on his nomination!