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Innovative Air Launch System Project Includes Small Businesses like TriVector

on Tuesday, 13 December 2011.

Innovative Air Launch System Project Includes Small Businesses like TriVector

Stratolaunch Systems, with corporate headquarters in Huntsville, AL, publicly announced today their quest to pioneer an air-launch space transportation system through design and development of the largest aircraft ever flown. This revolutionary air launch space transportation system will be accomplished with a collaborative effort lead primarily by three companies: Scaled Composites, Space X, and Dynetics. Included on the Dynetics team is Huntsville-based small business TriVector Services. TriVector is tasked to provide vital support in Systems Engineering, Integration, Test and Operations.

Scaled Composites located in Mojave, CA, is responsible for the Carrier Aircraft. Space X located in Hawthorne, CA, is responsible for the Multi-Stage Launch Vehicle, and Huntsville-based Dynetics is responsible for the Mating and Integration System, and Technical Integration of the Air Launch System. TriVector Services was recruited to help setup and manage the Systems Engineering and Integration of the ALS throughout the lifecycle of the program. Marc Verhage, TriVector's Chief Operating Officer, former Constellation Ares Upper Stage Chief Engineer and recipient of the 2010 Aerospace Engineer of the Year Award, was selected by Dynetics to play a key role in leading and managing Systems Engineering and Integration. Other TriVector employees lead efforts in defining requirements, interfaces and technical management of key SE&I products. Dr. Marc Bendickson, Dynetics CEO, said, "We are proud to have two local small businesses supporting our efforts." Verhage commented, "TriVector is excited about being part of such an innovative aerospace effort in support of outstanding companies like Stratolaunch and Dynetics."

Visit the Stratolaunch Web site to learn more.