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Test Engineering

TriVector’s Test Engineering services cover the full spectrum of test activities from test program development to execution and analysis of results.  Our experts have successfully performed test engineering services for Defense, NASA, NOAA, and commercial customers.  At TriVector, we provide customers with critical Test Engineering experience, proven performance, and exceptional value.

Test Experience

  • Missile, Space Payloads, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Radar (NAVAIR LSRS), Ground and Flight Tests
  • Static Structural with Cryogenics (LN2/LH2/LHE), Thermal, Radiation, and Avionics System Integrated Testing

Test Requirements and Planning

  • Test Activity Phasing, Requirements, and Plans
  • Test Scheduling and Resource Loading

Test Procedure and Execution

  • Personnel, Equipment, Facilities, Communication Links, and Safety
  • Data Calibration, Collection, and Post Test Processing
  • Test Report (Quick Look, 24hr, Final Report)

Test Review Planning and Execution

  • Plan, Facilitate, Evaluate, and Document Test Readiness

Development, Qualification, and Acceptance Testing

  • On-Demand Development Testing to Support Design and Analysis Decisions and Validate Design Requirements
  • Execute Qualification to Fully Understand Design Limits, Margins, and Verify Requirements as well as Anchor Analysis Models
  • Finalize and Execute Acceptance Testing to Fully Validate Post-Manufacturing Fielding and Ensure Confidence in Operations

Test Facilities Readiness

  • Communications Systems; Multi-Stakeholder Coordination
  • Test Articles Transportation, Lifting, Handling, and Install
  • Facilities Operations Readiness Inspections

Our Customers

  • U.S. Army: CCDC (AED, S3I); PEO Aviation (UAS); PEO Missiles & Space (JAMS PO)
  • MDA: Ground Based Midcourse Defense (GMD)
  • NASA Marshall Space Flight Center: Space Launch System (SLS)